Because Self-Care is Just as Important as Money – 8 Simple Tips

Because Self-Care is Just as Important as Money – 8 Simple Tips

Because Self-Care is Just as Important as Money – 8 Simple Tips

For some people a lockdown is a scary prospect, especially with a reduced income. But taking time out to focus on ourselves is sometimes just as valuable as money. For many people it takes a lockdown for us to unwind, reflect and take a break. Self-care helps us get mentally stronger which helps in all aspects of life such as decision-making.  

I personally suffer from depression and anxiety, and am currently studying for a Mental Health certificate. So these tips are not only proven to work on myself, but are also proven medical remedies for anxiety and depression. These tips are easy, don't cost anything and can be followed by anyone. 


1. Cut down on the coffee

Coffee is a stimulant. I find if I’m not out and about and I have coffee just at home, I notice the shaking effects more from the caffeine. This increases my anxiety, and just makes me feel nervous and paranoid. I would say coffee is my personal number 1 don’t overdo in lockdown. Enjoy a coffee on a morning walk, support a local café and stick with that one for the day.


2. Get outside every morning / exercise

The first thing I try to do each morning is get out of the house. It might be to take the dog for a walk, go for a run or simply popping to the shops to get some bread. Fresh air and nature is a natural therapy. Don’t stress about getting ready, and definitely don’t take your phone. Just be at peace in the fresh air for 20 minutes to clear your mind, think through your goals for the day with no distractions and enjoy the stillness in the moment.


3. Make a task list

When I get depression, the main reasons are because of lack of productivity or self-worth and self-purpose. THEREFORE write a task list! I have 2 lists, a daily small task list such as cleaning the bathroom and taking the bins out, and another task list such as to do my tax return and get the car serviced. When you tick of tasks no matter how small, you feel a sense of achievement which is motivating and increases self-worth. I have short-term daily goals, and long-term goals which give a greater sense of achievement once completed. Keep these updated, and make sure you do several small tasks a day and at least one larger task a week.


4. Get dressed every day

If I stay in my pyjamas all day, I feel sluggish and start to feel self-pity, lazy and unattractive. Start the day like you mean to go on. If you’re working from home, dress like you’re leaving the house to go to work. If you’re just having a day off, dress smart casual in a way that you’d still feel presentable if someone popped round. How you look on the outside dramatically impacts how you feel on the inside and alters your productivity levels.


5. Catch up on sleep

With no social commitments, we have no excuse not to have a good night sleep. Don’t look at your phone or laptop an hour before you go to bed, as the blue light in screens inhibits sleep. Try to get a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night. If you suffer from low iron levels like me, have an afternoon nap. I don’t feel guilty about it at all! I’d rather have an afternoon nap and be productive for the rest of the afternoon than feel tired and fatigued for the rest of the day.


6. Get yourself some herbal teas

Not only do herbal teas have healing benefits such as chamomile to aid sleep, and ginger to help with feelings of nausea. But herbal teas help reduce food cravings due to the natural sugars in them. So when the thoughts of boredom eating kick in and you want to grab the chocolate out of the cupboard, treat yourself to a herbal tea first. Get some sweet ones such as Apple and Cinnamon or Cranberry and Pomegranate. You can never have too many herbal teas in my opinion.


7. Have a bath

 I’m not just trying to promote my bath bombs I promise! Having a bath is a proven remedy for stress and muscle aches. Whilst the hot water soothes and hydrates your skin, bath bombs have natural ingredients in with a world of positive benefits. The Epsom salts relax muscles helping you to physically relax; the sodium bicarbonate breaks down bacteria which is great for break outs and a good detox; citric acid is a natural exfoliant, and essential oils all have different benefits – overall reducing stress and anxiety.


8. Light a candle

 Again, I’m not just promoting my products, this is proven!! Creating an atmosphere through scents and the glow of a flame clear the mind, soften stress, reduces anxiety and helps you to relax. Different fragrances have slightly different effects, but all create an overall positive shift in your mental state.


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  • Thanks for sharing these Wild Amber!
    It is a special skill to keep things simple these days in our complex and demanding world, but certainly having some non- negotiable time for yourself and rewarding your physical body with fresh air and good circulation can make a huge difference to your perspective.

    Rinsky on

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